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The CCRC Inclusive Tennis Pyramid Ladder



1.    Go to www.ccrcpyramid.com

2.    Enter/create your username and password

3.    You will need the club password, which is: ChabotTennis123

(Note: Retired ladder players will eventually have their names abbreviated and placed in brackets by the administrator. Retired ladder members can rejoin at any time by notifying Chabot member Walden Browne at waldenb@comcast.net)

What is the CCRC Tennis Pyramid Ladder?

The Tennis Pyramid Ladder is a unique ranking system that abides by a few simple rules. Everyone enters the pyramid at the bottom level, or "Rank 0" for the purposes of this implementation. When a match is entered, the system calculates how both players' ranking is adjusted. Only “wins” are used (i.e., any type of match scoring system can be used):

If the winner was the same rank as the loser before the match, the winner moves to a tier above the loser, i.e. the winner’s rank is increased by 1.

If the winner was ranked higher than the loser, nothing happens, and both players stay at their previous tier.

However, if the winner was ranked below the loser prior to the match, the winner automatically jumps to a tier above the loser, even if that means jumping multiple ranks. This allows a player to jump instantly to the top of the pyramid by challenging the highest ranked player, should they choose. This dynamic ranking strategy allows players to climb the pyramid quickly. It also means you are not obligated to play any particular member in order to advance (i.e., you can strategically challenge someone you think you can beat). Losing a match never results in a player "going down a ranking", it only allows others to climb higher. This encourages highly ranked players to accept matches against lower ranked players because they have nothing to lose, and it also allows for player to "play around" members they don’t wish to play. 



      Players will be courteous at all times and always adhere to Chabot policies and USTA guidelines and rules

      Court warm-up time will be limited to ten minutes at most.

      Any type of scoring match can be played (mutually agreed upon before the start of play), but when scheduled court time is limited, the DEFAULT match style will be an 8-game no-ad “pro-set”:

      i.e., 8-6, 8-5, 8-4… or 9-7 (i.e., win by two games).

      8-8 ties will be resolved with a 7-point tie-breaker (use USTA guidelines)

      Rationale: ability to finish a match within one hour of allotted court time, especially during peak play times

      If time/court reservation allows, players may mutually agree in advance to use other scoring systems (e.g., a conventional 3-set match; two sets + tie-breaker; etc.).

      Players may challenge anyone they want in the pyramid:

      Players are encouraged to challenge other players in their tier “range.”

      However, rules do not preclude extreme challenges (e.g., a bottom rung player challenges top rung player).

      If a player is challenged, she/he has 21 days to agree to a match and play it

      Inability to play during the 21-day window for any reason whatsoever constitutes a “loss” for the challenged player, if the challenger chooses to claim victory through default

      This allows seasonal CCRC members to participate, acknowledging that they may have to work their way back up the ladder with each new season, upon their return

      Challenged players with injuries, travel plans, obligations to USTA teams, and other impediments to play will be able to make their way back up the ladder once they have recovered, returned, or are otherwise available.

      Rationale: Precludes inactive players from inhibiting advancement of active ladder players

      Email requests or phone calls to play that are ignored by the challenged player will be interpreted as a “refusal to play” (this includes requests sent automatically to Spam folders, etc.).

      Nevertheless, it is recommended that challengers use judgement, respect, and courtesy in choosing whom to challenge

      It is the responsibility of all players to keep their contact information up to date.

      Disputes regarding the “lack of reasonability” around scheduling “availability” will be resolved by the ladder administrators or the club manager (e.g., Steve Squire).

      The winner of a match has the responsibility of logging the results. Matches must be logged as soon as possible after play using the correct date, since the website relies on timeliness and accuracy to function well.

      The challenger is responsible with providing a new can of balls for play.

      The club manager (i.e., Steve Squire) has the ultimate authority in settling disputes and removing people from the ladder who do not adhere to the positive spirit of play endorsed by CCRC.

Finally, please remember that the ccrcpyramid.com website was created by Alex Browne (Walden Browne’s son), who donated a huge amount of his personal time. Alex is a firefighter in Denver and not a website designer by profession. He anticipates making modifications to the website in the future, but please keep the origin of the website in mind, if you have “issues” with the website.