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Come & Meet Us

Come meet over 250 new tennis friends at Chabot Canyon Racquet Club! New members receive a half-hour introductory session with our Director of Tennis, Steve Squire, or our head pro, Wendell Pierce. They will assess your tennis level, ask about your preferences and give you a list of potential tennis buddies at your level to contact. Our Activities Director will help you meet people and get out onto the courts as soon as possible.

Membership Information

Chabot Canyon Racquet Club is a member-owned nonprofit club. The club offers two kinds of memberships: equity and non-equity. Equity members have a long-term investment in the club and participate in its governance. We encourage non-equity members to support our tennis community and convert to equity membership whenever possible.

Equity Membership Benefits

Equity Member Benefits
     •  May reserve courts five days in advance
     •  Pay less per month in dues
     •  Earn free guest privilege per month
     •  May accumulate up to four guest credits
     •  Have the right to vote at annual meetings of the Board
     •  May participate in the governance of the club
     •  Qualify for election to the Board of Directors, which establishes club policies and procedures

Membership Dues

Monthly Dues Application Fee Initiation Fee
Equity Single $90 $30 $2000
Equity Family $162 $30 $3500
Non-Equity Single $120 $30 $250

Interested in membership? Come by our clubhouse to meet our staff and view our facilities.

CLICK HERE to download our Membership Application.