Tennis, Friendship & Fun!

That's what you’ll find when you walk through the door at Chabot Canyon Racquet Club. We are a special place because of the people who come through our doors. Chabot is a member-owned nonprofit, which means that our members truly care about the club and actively support our tennis community. Most of our staff are also members and play a large part in ensuring the club's success. It's this all-around sense of ownership and pride that sets us apart.


The special thing about a tennis-only club is that everyone you meet here is a potential tennis partner. The folks here are friendly, down-to-earth and very active on and off the tennis courts. The club staff is here to serve the needs of our members and make sure they are playing as much tennis as they would like.

     • We can help you set up matches
     • Our pros provides new members with a "buddy list"
     • We have regular, organized socials
     • You can drop in at our weeknight Hot Courts

It doesn't take long to get into the swing of things at Chabot Canyon!


Tennis players can be a friendly bunch and at Chabot that is truly the case. Many new and lifelong friendships have been formed across the nets at our club. These are strengthened by time, a mutual love of tennis, and working together to keep the club flourishing. One of the best aspects of Chabot is the huge number of friendships that thrive in our midst.


We take our tennis seriously but we also know how to have fun. There are many BBQs on the patio, Friday night socials, weekday "lunch bunch" potlucks and lots of spontaneous gatherings in the clubhouse to watch the latest tennis tournaments. On any given day at Chabot, you may experience lots of laughter, cheering, and groups of friends relaxing on the patio after a great match on the courts.


Click aerial images for beautiful hi res drone shots (by member Dan Lichtenberg)