Meet Our Staff

Steve Squire

General Manager and Director of Tennis
Steve Squire is at Chabot Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm. His in-office hours (when not on courts) will be updated June 1st, once the Chabot Adult Tennis Program has begun.

What I love about Chabot: The diverse membership
My bio in one sentence: Born in Kalamazoo Mich ~ happily married in Walnut Creek with three great boys and our dog Coco.
Things I love that are not tennis: All sports, music, and playing with my family at the beach.

Victor Ingrassia

Assistant Manager

What I love about Chabot: It's a secret, hidden jewel.
My bio in one sentence: Born to Sicilian/Neapolitan parents, grew up under pressure, learned to count at an early age, have never stopped counting.
Things I love that are not tennis: Weather, time, art, greyhounds

Beverly Strickland

USTA Liaison

What I love about Chabot: The opportunity to meet & play with a huge number of the human race,  with the occasional goat as a distraction.
My bio in one sentence: American female thinking about the next overhead I'm smashing for a winner.
Things I love that are not tennis: I like cooking, plants & sharing what makes me happy & hoping it puts a smile on your face.

Sarah Fuller

What I love about Chabot: The congenial members and its friendly and casual and atmosphere
My bio in one sentence: Grew up in New Jersey, attended college in New York, worked as a Vista volunteer and  legal analyst.
Things I love that are not tennis: Reading, especially Nordic Noir, knitting and spinning wool, catering to our African Gray Parrot, Paris.

Jayne Ogrodnik

What I love about Chabot: It's a peaceful place to spend time.
My bio in one sentence: I’m a New Englander, but have lived in a variety of locations. I retired from teaching English as a Second Language at City College of SF and a few months later rejoined the club as a staff member.
Things I love that are not tennis: Working with yarn, reading both fiction and non-fiction, hiking with beautiful views and other sports.

Joan Connolly

What I love about Chabot: Charming neighborhood setting as well as a membership that participates in all levels of tennis.
My bio in one sentence: Grew up in Jericho, Long Island (NYC area) learned to play tennis, received a degree in Architecture, and came west to SF/East Bay where I continue my passions to play tennis, and advocate for green building and energy efficiency best practices for our built environment.
Things I love that are not tennis: Always looking forward to the next thing I discover and sharing experiences! Sculpture esp. Louise Nevelson, my Fisher Price Little People collection and spring skiing.

David Miller

What I love about Chabot: Sitting on the terrace at sunset with the Hot Court crowd, enjoying the conversation and a beverage.
My bio in one sentence: After more than 25 years on four different continents, it's really nice to be home in the Bay Area.
Things I love that are not tennis: Traveling, waterskiing, reading, swimming

Gary Fox

What I love about Chabot: It feels more like my family than my biological family
My bio in one sentence: Grew up poor in SoCal; came to UC Berkeley at 17 and lived in Bay Area since; worked as a creative director/copywriter in advertising, owned/managed an Italian restaurant, started a vineyard & winery, now supposedly retired.
Things I love that are not tennis: Food and wine, my faithful cat, music and the arts.

Jerry Parmer

What I love about Chabot: All the great folks that make tennis here so enjoyable!
My bio in one sentence:  I grew up in San Diego, spent 30 years on the East Coast, and am very happy to now be settled into this wonderful Bay Area community!
Things I love that are not tennis: The arts, learning, people, cooking, community, my dog and cats.

Val Swan

What I love about Chabot: The interesting, caring, worldly, and talented club members and spirited community ethos.
My bio in one sentence:  Ever striving to own my life philosophies: It takes both the sun and the rain to make a rainbow, and "No day but today." ~ Rent
Things I love that are not tennis: Empowering leaders to show up for their brightest, most authentic selves, travel, writing, color, music, water, my people.

Linda Stewart

What I love about Chabot: I love this membership's authentic love of simply playing tennis and having fun.
My bio in one sentence:  In the Midwest I played sports as a child and taught German for a few years before ending up in San Francisco and becoming an investment advisor.
Things I love that are not tennis: Traveling, watching sports, hiking, reading mysteries and eating.