CCRC Policy Handbook


Nestled in the Rockridge area of Oakland, California, Chabot Canyon Racquet Club is an active and friendly “home away from home” for tennis players. We are a member-owned non-profit club with much to offer our membership at affordable monthly dues. Chabot has 6 lighted courts, private and group tennis lessons, socials, a ball machine, racquet stringing, a small pro shop, attractive clubhouse, friendly staff and excellent tennis pros.

Weekdays: 9am–9pm
Weekends, Nov-Apr: 9am-6pm
Weekends, May-Oct: 9am-7pm

Courts are also available to members during daylight hours even when the clubhouse is closed. Access to courts is possible via combination lock on the gate to court #2. Please contact the office for the combination.


Chabot closes on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day; we also close at 1pm the day before these holidays.


The club offers two kinds of memberships: equity and non-equity. Visit our Join page for details. Equity members have a long-term investment in the club and participate in the governance of the club. We encourage non-equity members to convert to equity membership whenever possible. For more information about this, please contact the club manager.

Equity Members’ Perks

•  May reserve courts five days in advance
•  Pay less per month in dues
•  May have one free guest pass per month
•  May accumulate up to 4 guest credits
•  Have the right to vote at annual meetings of the Chabot Board of Directors
•  Qualify for election to the Board of Directors, which establishes club policies and procedures

All members are entitled to a printed membership roster. Our member and staff lists, including names, telephone numbers and email addresses, are not for public use.

Changes in Membership
Status Notice of changes in membership status must be made in writing to the club manager. Examples include inactive status due to injury, individual adding a spouse/partner, resigning membership.

Inactive Status
All members have the right to change their membership status to “Inactive” for reasons of injury, serious illness, or other physical condition. Inactive status allows the member to pay discounted monthly dues. Inactive status is granted for a minimum of three months, and must be requested in writing to the Club manager. While maintaining “Inactive” status, members are welcome to attend social events at CCRC, such as parties and barbeques, but may not play tennis at the Club. Short Term Memberships Effective December, 2007, CCRC offers short term, temporary memberships for those people visiting from out of the area. The membership term must be a minimum of one month and must extend no longer than three months. The fee for a single temporary membership is $125 per month; for a family membership it is $190 per month. All fees must be paid in advance.


Chabot welcomes tennis enthusiasts of all ages to join and use our facility. However, parents must be responsible for their children, as the office staff is not able to provide supervision or entertainment. Children under the age of 12 should not be left at the club without parental supervision.


Guests of members may visit or use the club during club hours provided the guests sign the waiver at the front desk and are accompanied by the host member. Members may bring guests only during club hours. The guest policy is for the protection of all members; violation of the policy may result in membership suspension. Guest fees are $15 per visit. There is no guest fee on Fridays after 1:00 pm. An individual guest may play no more than two times per month at the Club. Guests may not reserve courts. Equity members are entitled to one free guest pass per month. Unused guest passes may roll over to the next month for up to three months. All members are entitled to receive two guest passes during the month in which their birthday occurs. Please be sure the office has the month of your birth accurately recorded, and request your birthday guest passes from office staff during your birthday month. Discounted guest passes are no longer available (Effective Jan., 2009). Out of town, non-Bay Area guests may play an unlimited number of times for $40/week up to two weeks and must be accompanied by host member when at the Club.


Courts and court reservations are for the exclusive use of members and their guests. Singles courts are allotted 60 minutes; doubles courts 90 minutes. Only one reservation per member per day will be accepted.


If you are unable to use your court reservation, please notify the office. Failure to register within ten minutes of the reserved time results in forfeiture of the reservation if other members are waiting to use the courts. A $5 fee will be charged to your account for failure to cancel unused reservations. In case of obvious rainouts, it is not necessary to phone in a cancellation.

Reservations Lead-time

Equity members may reserve courts up to 5 days in advance; non-equity members may reserve up to 3 days in advance. For best court reservation times, members should reserve at 9am as indicated in the COURT BOOKING LEAD-TIME CHART (which we suggest you print or bookmark). For example, equity members may call or log in online Monday at 9am to reserve a court for Saturday. Non-equity members may call or log in online Monday at 9am to reserve a court for Thursday.

Ball Machine Reservations

•  Reservations for the ball machine can be made only during non-prime-time hours: Mon-Thurs 12-5pm and Fri-Sun 1pm until closing.
•  As with all other reservations, ball machine users may stay on the court past their reservation period if court availability permits.
•  During prime time hours ball machine usage will be on a walk-on basis only. During these times staff will determine if the ball machine can be used based upon court availability. Call the office to ask about availability same day during prime time.

Checking in with staff

Members and guests must check in with the staff prior to occupying a court. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the court. Remember that staff members have the entire day’s schedule in front of them, and they have to anticipate which courts are going to be assigned next, and for how long.


Once players have used their reservation period, they may be bumped at the discretion of the office staff. Before new players enter the court, it is the custom to allow players being bumped to finish the point they are playing. If players are bumped, they must report to the office to learn if they can extend their time on another court. If you move to another empty court without consulting the staff, be advised that you may be bumped again, possibly within minutes of occupying an empty court. Please remain courteous if this occurs. If you are bumped from a court at the end of your allotted time, even though there is an empty court, you should assume that the staff has a good reason for reassigning the court you are on. A member does not have the right to bump someone from a court at his or her own discretion.

We require that members and their guests wear appropriate tennis attire. Shirts are required at all times. Only smooth-soled, non-marking regulation tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. Black-soled shoes are allowed if they are regulation, non-marking, tennis-specific shoes. Staff are required to enforce these policies.
Please keep game commentary and other expressions of feeling regarding your tennis suitable for the ears of those playing around you. Please keep the level of your commentary down so as not to disturb players on neighboring courts.
Beverages and Food
The only beverage allowed on the courts is water. Glass bottles and other glass containers are not allowed on the courts. No chewing gum is allowed on the courts.
Members are responsible for their guests’ attire, and conduct.

•  The lights are the biggest single expense for the club.
•  You may be asked to move down to court 1, 2 or 3 so that lights on the far courts can be turned off.

In case of rain, the staff operates under the following conditions: 

•  Squeegee when it aids the drying process and time permits. The staff follows a schedule indicating when squeegee will be effective. Members are urged to assist staff in clearing the courts.
•  Closure two hours before nightfall during Daylight Savings Time and at 5:00 pm during the winter months if the courts are wet. The decision to close the club for the day may be made when conditions and the forecast indicate that there is no chance for the courts to dry.
•  The outgoing voice mail message is updated as often as possible. The staff follows the Weather Channel, helping them predict the weather and keep you informed via voice mail.
•  The HD CourtCam shows court conditions along with a caption describing expected drying time and other useful info.


All members are welcome to participate at hot court (no-reservation play). Courts 1 and 2 are reserved for hot court Mon, Tues & Thurs from 5-7pm; on Weds Court 1 is reserved from 6-8pm. Players show up and are rotated into the play by the staff person in charge of hot court.The basic rules:

•  Goal: To provide the best competitive play, which may mean playing with weaker or stronger players.
•  Round robin format, one set, no-ad scoring.
•  The hot court staff member fills in if there is a need.
•  The hot court staff member always offers up his/her place after the set is finished to let members play, but will try to set up a second court for the arriving participants.
•  Playing with weaker or stronger players requires a judgment call to create competitive teams. Both courts are to be a mix of player levels.


The club has three pros: Steve Squire, Wendell Pierce and Anne Lowry. The pros are independent contractors who set their own rates, including rates for clinics and private lessons. It is club policy that pros provide lessons and clinics to members at rates 10 percent lower than they charge non-members. Lessons must be scheduled directly with the professional staff. Contact the pros directly for their current schedule and rates: Steve Squire, Wendell Pierce and Anne Lowry.


At the discretion of the Board of Directors, a non-professional player may be authorized to provide “hits” for members on a fee basis. “Hits” are not to be confused with the lessons or clinics offered by the tennis professionals, and are provided as a service to the members. Payment is to be made to the hits provider at the time the service is provided. For current information about “hits,” contact the office staff.


•  All combination locks are numbered and have a serial number.
•  The cost is $10.00 per month for non-equity members and free for equity members
•  Members are not permitted to use their own locks.
•  Day use is permitted.


•  All items are priced as marked.
•  All items, including balls, drinks, snacks, guest fees or events, may be paid for in cash or billed to the member’s account.


The Board establishes all club policies and rules, which the staff are then expected to implement and enforce. Though many members are equity members and have an investment in the club, the staff nonetheless reports to the manager, not directly to the members. The manager, in turn, reports to the Board of Directors.


The manager is responsible for member satisfaction. Any complaints should be put inwriting and delivered to the office, mailed or emailed to the manager. A “suggestion” box is provided in the clubhouse lobby for general, non-confidential complaints, suggestions, or requests. Complaints involving personnel should be discussed directly with the manager.


The club sponsors competitive singles and doubles tennis ladders that rank members according to their record in inter-club matches. Any club member may challenge into a ladder or be ranked in the ladder according to his or her performance in the annual club championship matches.

•  The challenge must be in your USTA ranking.
•  You must be #1 in your ranking before challenging up.
•  To challenge on the ladder you must challenge within four places in your ranking. If the challenger wins, he/she replaces the opponent’s name and all other names move down, starting with their name. If a challenger loses, his/her name moves to the bottom of the challenged division.
•  The challenger calls for a court reservation and asks for 1½ hours.
•  The challenger must supply the balls.
•  If you challenge and the challenged player does not accept, you automatically move into the person’s position.


Most tennis clubs do not allow dogs. But at Chabot, this is a privilege the Board of Directors currently extends to our members. Failure to comply with the dog rules listed below can result in a dog being banned from the club.

•  Dogs must be on a leash at all times
•  Dogs must not be left unattended or be left outside your voice command range
•  When owner is on court, dogs must be tethered either on the grassy area off court 1 or outside the fence on Chabot Rd
•  Dogs are not allowed on the courts, in any landscaped area, tethered on there patio or in the clubhouse
•  Dogs are allowed on the patio area when on leash and with an human
•  Dog owners must clean up after their animals
•  Aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs will not be tolerated

Members with dogs must abide by the club rules; if not the “3 strikes” policy applies:

•  1st time offense = verbal notice
•  2nd time offense = written notice
•  3rd time offense = the dog stays at home