Chabot's Special History

Chabot Canyon Racquet Club has a special history. It was founded as a private club in the 1970s. The club quickly became a special place with its cozy atmosphere and tight-knit community.

In 1989 the private owners of the club were approached by a developer who wanted to build condominiums on the site of the club's tennis courts. In response, a group of club members formed  a member-owned nonprofit and were able to make an agreement to preserve  the Chabot courts. These original equity members formed Save Chabot Canyon, Inc., a 501(c)(7) nonprofit and established the current member-run organization led by an elected board of directors.

The Chabot clubhouse was destroyed in the Oakland Hills Fires in 1991. Many of these same equity members worked to rebuild Chabot from the ground up and enabled our doors to stay open through that challenging time.

Twenty-five years after becoming member-owned, Chabot is still a thriving and down-to-earth place, full of tennis, friendship and fun. Many good friendships have developed and continue to flourish here at Chabot. It's a special place with a unique history and spirit.

Chabot's long time best citizen Mary Lou Chapman wrote a wonderful history of Chabot: "HISTORY OF THE TRIPLE PHOENIX". For those of you who had "no idea" or if you just want to relive the amazing story that is Chabot, please click this link (it's a BIG file and will take some time to load... but it's worth the wait!).

After the Fire of 1991